Outdoor Perimeter Security

These devices are installed in front of the outer gates and be can hidden underground depending on the device. When a suspicion of a gate storm, the

Computers and networks

• Routers, Switches, repeaters and wireless IP devices • Personal Computer • Server • Maintenance, operation and networking • Address

Hardware destruction of documents and files

The devices include destruction of papers and documents and CD-ROMs to the degree of damage that can’t be assembled again which has several types,

Cabling solution

• Fiber Optics cable (multi-mode or single mode) • Network cable CAT5, CAT5e and CAT6 • Coaxial cable RG59, RG6U and RG11 • Different kind

Equipment inspection and metal detection

• Metal detectors. • Inspection equipment for manual metal detectors and weapons. • Devices for inspection of containers and bags. •

Calling devices

Telephony and call recording systems, wired and wireless: -- Which include: -- • Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) with capacities and

Theft and intrusion alarm systems

These are systems used in sensitive areas that contain bonds, property or premises vulnerable to theft and intrusion. It is intended to alert the

Systems of entry and exit security

Systems through which the registration of all entry and exit of all staff, personnel and vehicles give them different powers to enter certain places

Pagers and audio which includes

• Fire alarms with different specifications • Speakers of indoor and outdoor capacities and sizes • Microphones for hand, office and

Enclosure for Outdoor Cameras

Cameras housed in several forms of outdoor protection containing cooling fans and/or heater that is resistant to sabotage, explosion and other