Calling devices


Telephony and call recording systems, wired and wireless: —
Which include: —
• Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) with capacities and different types.
• Phones and features of different sizes
• IVR system and Mailboxes
• Billing system and Print reports
• Extension, maintenance and operation of networks at the central
• Caller ID service lines and foreign remittances
• Calls in digital recording devices
Recording devices with high industrial quality and not with ordinary computers designed
to function as organization’s registration, conservation and protection of all incoming and
outgoing calls through the external lines or internal transfers and the various types of
analog, digital, E1, T1, ISDN, VOIP. Call records can be found and searched using the
ample evidence of date, time, Caller ID and contact number. It has high protection and
can be used with many level of protection for all users to give them the necessary powers
to use the device.