Outdoor Perimeter Security

These devices are installed in front of the outer gates and be can hidden underground
depending on the device. When a suspicion of a gate storm, the system will be activated
to prevent vehicles from entering the building. The operation of the system is manually
with password protection or automatically by sensors.

Gunnebo Boom Barrier systems
form a part of site protection and
efficient access control. A
combination of a boom barrier and a
sliding gate greatly increases
control of the number of vehicles
entering and leaving the site,
optimises traffic flow management
and ensures overall security in the
gateway area




The Wedge Barrier K12 is the newest
high security product and certified to
high security product and certified to
PAS 68 and DOS K12. One of the big
advantages is the shallow foundation
and the extremely fast operation time.
Typical areas of application are
research and development centers,
power stations, industrial plants and
military sites. Due to testing and
assembly in the factory, the
installation is very easy. The newest
option is the safety skirt, making the
Wedge Barrier pedestrian safe and
usable in urban areas

Motorized Security Revolving
Door enforces both security and
safety by rejecting and alarming
upon potential unauthorized use
and avoid entrapment. It prevents
also unauthorized passage from
the opposite direction whilst a
valid passage is being made in
the other direction.

Note: This device is for indoor