About Us

The Technology Cities Establishment was established in 2002. It began its operations by providing services of installation and maintenance of telephone exchanges and electronic equipment for many of the ministries in Saudi Arabia and private companies. During the last seven years, the establishment’s experience was ranging from technical handling projects of major importance, particularly the installation of security cameras, electronic doors, security equipment, including the recording of telephone conversations and programs of different kinds of billing calls. The team of Technology Cities Establishment, which consists of directors of projects, engineers and technicians who are qualified and experienced in providing comprehensive services related to the planning, design, integration and standardization of systems, installation and equipment supply for active service provide training, operation and maintenance of systems for – in practice – all types of communications systems from the exchanges and access to the most sophisticated security equipment which have been designed for the new millennium. As well as support and maintenance, installation and development of recording conversation from wired and wireless devices to show the numbers and billing-related calls and communications equipment automation. The Establishment is associated with popular distributors of many European and American companies, Korean and Chinese in the supplying and installing most of its security services. INTRODUCTION It receives full technical support operations in the supply and installation of all security services. Technology Cities Establishment has an agreement with several agents of central devices such as Meridian, Avaya, Panasonic, and security systems in the training of all members, engineers and technicians of its staff to elevate the system services they provide. Technology Cities Establishment provides technical support, installation and maintenance of all services within Saudi Arabia with respect to those products that represent the company in the Kingdom. Engineers and technicians of Technology Cities Establishment have ongoing training with regard to products either in laboratories or countries within the Kingdom. The completed Electronic Workshops help engineers in training to conduct tests on the process of integrating and consolidating systems. With respect to these devices, it is observed that all components and spare parts are provided. Also, Technology Cities Establishment is considered one of the largest suppliers of equipment and spare parts for the Ministry of Interior – Ministry of Defense and Aviation – Department of Communications and Public Prosecution, Ministry of Education, Saudi Telecom, and many of the projects of their Highnesses the Princes, and other major users of electronics and communications in the Kingdom. Through its network of suppliers around the world, Technology Cities have been able to provide all the technical requirements for spare parts even as those pieces that may have been ceased in production by manufacturers. A firm commitment to deadlines and quality of products and services that provide rapid response to the needs of clients are the features that we believe represent the strengths of Technology Cities